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By Koogle1000 aOwner - Posted Sep 17, 17

Bomb Revamp

I have revamped ByteBombs. They are a lot better now and auto-sell. Hope you all enjoy those. 

Sell Fixes

I have now made it so you sell to the shop which sells for the most. Before, if you had a donator rank it would sell to that even if it sold for a lower amount than your normal rank. You can also sell stuff from the lower mines to higher mines.

Lag Fixes:

I have upgraded the server so there should be a lot less lag now.

Staff Applications:

Staff applications are open! Please make sure you read the part on the top so you know if you meet the requirments before applying. 

Updates Coming Soon

New B, C, D mine. Also adding a free mine and free sell prices. 

Top Voter September
September's Top Voter will get a $25 Donation store voucher. Second place a $10 voucher and third place a Legendary key. So make sure you vote daily!

I hope you enjoy the updates! If you have any questions or find a bug let me, Koogle1000, know or another member of the staff team. Date: 9/17/2017

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