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By Koogle1000 aOwner - Posted Aug 31, 17

Pickaxe Levels

Under your pickaxe this will show up:

Each time you break the blocks amount needed your pickaxe will level up. Every level up the efficiency, unbreaking, and fortune by one. There are currently 8 levels.

Vote Parties
On the scoreboard you will see the votes needed until a vote DP. If the goal is met you will get a vote party crate containing loot such as bombs, tokens, and more!

Efficiency Upgrades
The efficiency on donator pickaxes and some other pickaxes has been significantly boosted. To obtain the upgraded version you will have to get a new version of the pickaxe. OP Pickaxes/Extreme pickaxes have not changed.

Top Voter September
September's Top Voter will get a $25 Donation store voucher. Second place a $10 voucher and third place a Legendary key. So make sure you vote daily!

VPN/Ban Bypass Fix
People will no longer be able to spam the server with alts from a VPN or bypass bans.

Petarglio has been promoted to Moderator!

I hope you enjoy the updates! If you have any questions or find a bug let me, Koogle1000, know or another member of the staff team. Date: 8/30/2017

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