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Too Long Of A Ban

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Your IGN:Noobss
When where you banned?:12/03/2019 8PM (UK)

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): I Said Il DDOS Your Nan

Why do you deserve to be unbanned?: I think i was banned for to long because we where having a joke and then i said i will ddos you nan and i got banned we where all making jokes and talking about jokes and when i said that the staff banned me for ddos threats i did not mean what i said and it shouldnt of been taken seriously. The convo started when a bunch of us started talking about people scamming and someone made the joke of scamming and told me to go away so i replied *as a joke* saying i will ddos your nan you could tell i was not being serious because i said lol after and then he started saying to people ban me because we where both having a joke and he had to ruin it by getting me perm ip banned
i also think that he wanted me banned because he has made it clear he does not like me by saying i scammed him and he wanted me to get banned so that he would be happy that i was banned . If this is the case he needs to get a grip and read properly
This is why i should be unbanned or at least my ban should be reduced to 14 days beceause ven though it was a joke i did say it
Linked File Is The Screenshot

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Posted Mar 12, 19 · OP
ilikeapples Sr.Mod
Your ban will be reduced to 4 days. We do not tolerate joking about DDoS threats on the server. Please do not joke about this stuff again.
Posted Mar 12, 19
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