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Railbeam Final Unban Appeal...

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Your IGN:
When were you banned?:
4 months ago
Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):
leaking personal information
Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least two sentences):
Don't get me wrong, I've been a very toxic player throughout my time on Byte. The staff team has given me chance after chance and they finally taught me a lesson. After I was ip banned on the server I realized being toxic is not a good way to be and I had a break from Minecraft. This break lasted around 2 months and I finally came back happier and willing to help a community. I went on a server that had an average of 8 players and I suggested many plugins I liked and eventually joined the staff team. This only lasted a 1-2 months because the server shut down due to the owners not being able to keep paying for the server. Anyways, I have been very toxic. These things include; spamming, cursing, revealing (untrue) information, and doing all of these things continuously with warnings. Even though I know I will probably stay banned I want to say a sincere apology to Its_Katie, ilikeapples, Bearly, CowMan9991, Koogle, iJard, ItsTigrito, HomeGoods, and any other staff member I have caused trouble to. Thanks to ilikeapples for giving me another chance to appeal. I'm sorry if I missed anything else I was punished for, I don't remember EVERYTHING I've done. I know this isn't the BEST ban appeal and is probably worse than the last one but I tried. If I'm not unbanned, good luck with the server and I hope it does well!
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