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BreziforPrezi unban yet again

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Your IGN: Brezi_ now was BreziforPrezi

When where you banned?: 11/5/2018

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least two sentences): I do not understand why I was banned. There is a staff member that seems to have it out for me. I was playing on the server when people started to get banned and next thing I know im banned. I literally just got unbanned 2 days ago. I was flying around spawn. This staff member comes on and bans like 6 people including me and I was just chilling out in spawn. This staff member has banned me on the discord as well without any reason whatsoever and has blocked me so I can't even ask them why. This member has been targeting me even before my 2 month ban and now I am banned again without any reason and for doing nothing at all.
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Posted Nov 5, 18 · OP
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I honestly believe it. I was banned on this discord for no reason but I was actually banned for a reason. Maybe it was a mistake? I dunno a lot got banned last night so I think they accidentally banned you, but let's see...
Posted Nov 5, 18
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Well if you can't fly in spawn, then that is considered fly hacks, if you can fly at spawn it was a false ban.
Posted Nov 9, 18
HomeGoods Manager
Hi Brezi,
Not sure how I have it “out for you” considering I unbanned you before. Unfortunately, I’ve received many reports regarding your behavior and toxicity. You are also associated with a group called “Minimods” which has brought a lot of drama and issues to our community, so you will not be unbanned at this time.
Posted Nov 10, 18
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