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Your IGN: MrRomeroPT

When where you banned? 29-10-2018

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof): Constant Toxicity

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least two sentences):

Hello, First i want to apologize for my bad english. As u might know me i'm MrRomeroPT, a friendly player, able to help everyone and make sure everything is great. Today something happened, and i felt very unfair in the server. There was 2 guys fighting in the server, named "iJard" and "Its_Katie" and it was mods and jr. mods on the server. So i said things i couldn't just say: and i got my "Staff Disrespect" warn. and i understand it. Most part of the time i'm pacient, but i start getting everyone agains't me. iJard, HomeGoods, Its_katie, FinalMoments and more. I didn't get any warn, i was just giving my opinion and everyone was agaisn't me. i was just saying good facts, but there is a problem in the server and staff doesn't accept other people's opinion. Also there was one person called "Its_Katie" was telling me to "shh" and i talked about that and HomeGoods just warned her because i said. There is more and more i could say about bad work of Staff. but i'm appealing for what happened today. Don't want to talk about Work of Staff. Also, i got a warn of HomeGoods saying "Stop acting like you´re staff" because i said "Stop spamming the chat please" there is a ss down.
Also i got Perma Ban on discord. i don't know why. i said anything wrong on discord. Is it just rage?

So i don't know if this is right or no. but i want Koogle to have a look at this. because i know HomeGoods will just reject this appeal. I hope u starting dealing with everyone likewise.
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Posted Oct 29, 18 · OP
HomeGoods Manager
HomeGoods @ ByteMc
There are better ways of expressing your opinion than typing them in chat. We have a suggestions page on both the forums and Discord. I will be denying your ban appeal for now, you may reappeal in 1 week. I want you to think about what you were doing. ByteMc strives to be a positive community and I felt as though that you were not meeting that standard. Also, I have no issue about you trying to enforce the rules, but when you're trying to enforce the rules when they weren't breaking rules, it becomes a problem.

Posted Oct 29, 18
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