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Hello dear Staff,

My name is Romero (ign: MrRomeroPT)! I'm 16 years old and i'd like to become part of the Building Team! I live in Portugal.
I have Mystic Rank in the server and other things from /buy. (I don't know if this is important)
I have been playing the server for a long time. I'm a very active player on the server, and i still have fun on it! I'm on the server most part of the time building.

I've already been banned a couple times. But i made an appeal and got accepted.

I'd like to be a Builder in a server because i'm sure i can do a nice work on it. I build plots for everyone(check on my description in and i also helped some Staff Members's plot.

I would like to make better builds for the server. (example: Spawn, add more duel maps, new brawl maps, and if you want i'm able to change some Rank Mines)

I think the server has nice builds, but i think i can do better.

I have been building for a long time, i built on a server before, but i think i'm a better builder now, and i'm improving day after day.

I would like to say I am mature and trustworthy, you should hire me as a Builder. I will never disappoint you.
Here are some plot builds i built in this season(VI): (photos in my profile on
→ /p h easy
→ /p h sell (ilikeapples)
→ /p h MrKaotics
→ /p h minigames
→ /p h op (poseidon372 3)
→ /p h aop (AopAndWelcome)
→ /p h pidouh
→ /p h kod_venom 2
→ /p h 10kwow
→ /p h binaminP

My discord: Romero#7043

I hope to hear from you soon,

Posted Oct 16, 18 · OP · Last edited Dec 9, 18
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This Link Will Give You Access To All The Builds i Built On Season VI
Posted Oct 17, 18 · OP
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