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Your IGN: Faeteq

When were you banned?: Almost an 2 days ago.

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof)

Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least two sentences): Well I started playing the server last week
and I was having a great time. Infact it was the only server I was playing apart from hypixel, but today I slipped up I had
been mining for like 2 hours, and I was getting bored. And then my friend came on, so I asked him if he wanted to do /duel
and we played that for almost half an hour. But I was getting bored of the 3 limited gamemodes, and wanted to 1v1 him on
another server that had potpvp 1v1s and build uhc 1v1s. And so I messaged him the ip to another server thinking I would be
just alright. But then I got IP banned. I understand what I've done wrong, and I'm severly sorry. I hope you take
my appeal into consideration and unban me I know I'm going to miss the server if this doesn't get accepted.
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Posted Oct 2, 18 · OP · Last edited Oct 2, 18
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:cry: :undecided: faeteq my old friend
Posted Oct 2, 18
HomeGoods Manager

I understand where you're coming from. I will revoke your ban only because it was to your friend, and I understand why you would do such a thing.

Just note that advertising (IPs) is a permanent ban (IPban) from our server. Use Discord or other apps to communicate IPs.

Posted Oct 2, 18 · Last edited Oct 2, 18
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