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I got banned because I was just stating an opinion I had towards the staff team

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I got banned for 2 days because I said that there should be a new staff team because the current one are way to sensitive. An example is rn. Katie was so sensitive of me saying that she banned me for 2 days. I can't even say my opinion or be open on the server? That should tell you what type of a server this is
Posted Sep 15, 18 · OP
HomeGoods Mod
You're leaving a lot of detail out. I want you to remember this:
1. You CONSTANTLY called the staff team garbage
2. You called the server garbage
3. After I told you to stop, you didn't
4. Your past for disrespect is immense and you have been perm muted before for Disrespect... Not sure where you think you're going to end up continually saying things like that.
- If you're going to continue to be toxic, you might even end up permanently banned.

Here's just one picture of you being toxic during that time:

Its_Katie wasn't sensitive and was following a guideline. I recommend listening to staff members.

Ban Appeal: Declined
(Didn't follow proper format)

Posted Sep 15, 18 · Last edited Sep 15, 18
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