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fteefn discord ban appeal

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fteefn x
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Your IGN: fteefn#1342

When where you banned?: 7:30pm September 12th.

Reason for ban (with screenshot proof):
Why do you deserve to be unbanned? (Write at least two sentences):
I was advertising my new club I made for not liking a staff member. I did it in self-promotion so I don't see how it can be considered staff disrespect. If it was not allowed I'm sorry and I didn't know. please unban me
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Posted Sep 12, 18 · OP
HomeGoods Mod

I will be denying your ban appeal for these reason(s):

1. You were muted today on the server for disrespect.
2. Creating a "CowMan hate club". Seriously? You didn't mean for that to be disrespectful? That doesn't make sense to me how you can think that it's not disrespectful. I'd rather use the word 'rude' over disrespectful. Also, you decided to tag him in the post...

You can reappeal in one week. In that time, I suggest you start looking at our rule list on the server (/rules) and then if you make a new appeal and it is accepted, you should also review our Discord rules.

HomeGoods, Discord Manager
Posted Sep 12, 18 · Last edited Sep 12, 18
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