Lately a lot of people have been getting scammed. I thought I would make a post on how to massively reduce your chance of being scammed. The answer is to use a middleman/middlewoman. Lets say Player1 and Player2 are doing a deal where Player1 pays Player2 100B for Donor rank.

  • The two players would agree on a middleperson.
  • Then Player1 would send the 100B to the middleperson.
  • The middleperson would tell Player2 that they have received 100B.
  • Player2 would purchase Player1 the donor rank.
  • Once the rank has successfully come through the middleperson would pay Player2 the 100B from Player1.

You might think, what if the middleperson scams me? For a reputable middleperson it is recommended to use a staff member or trusted and respected community member. There are many trusted and respected community members on the server. If the middleperson does a good job make sure to give them a small gift or reward for there good work. If the middleperson scams you make a report and they will be banned.

This method is very simple, effective, and will majorly reduce your chance of being scammed.